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Summer Fling

1998 - R - 1:43
Miramax Home Entertainment
Directed by David Keating
Catherine O'Hara
Jared Leto
Christina Ricci
Gabriel Byrne
Amanda Shun
special appearance by Stephen Rea
and Colm Meaney

This crowd-pleasing comedy featuring big screen favorites Gabriel Byrne (The Usual Suspects), Catherine O'Hara (Home Alone 1 & 2) and Christina Ricci (The Addams Family Series), shows that growing up in one offbeat family isn't always easy...but it is always funny! June has arrived and Frankie (Jared Leto, Prefontaine) is sure he's blown his exams...along with his one shot at getting into college! But before the test results hit, he'll have a wild time pursuing this summer's major goals: planning the ultimate beach bash...and getting better acquainted with the babes in bikinis he's admired from afar! If you're ready for sexy laughs - don't miss the entertaining fun of Frankie's hilarious summer to remember!

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