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The Super

1991 - R - 1:26
Fox Video
Directed by Rod Daniel
Joe Pesci
Vincent Gardenia
Madolyn Smith Osborne
and Ruben Blades

Louie Kritski is a slumlord without a shred of conscience. After repeatedly ignoring housing code violations, he is sentenced to live in his own decrepit building until acceptable repairs can be made. It's a rude awakening for Louie, as he finds himself tormented by rampaging rats, over-flowing toilets...and worst of all, his fellow tenants, who are delighted to see the landlord getting a taste of his own medecine. Soon Louie discovers the biggest rat in the building...himself. He gets to know his tenants as proud human beings with feelings. But still, he's afraid to change. Joe Pesci (Home Alone, 1990, Best Supporting Actor, GoodFellas) stars with Vincent Gardenia (Moonstruck, Little Shop Of Horrors). The Super soundtrack features hits from M.C. Hammer, C & C Music Factory and others.

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