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1996 - R - 1:36
Miramax Home Entertainment
Directed by Doug Liman
Jon Favreau
Vince Vaughn
Ron Livingston
Patrick Van Horn
Alex Desert
and Heather Graham

Hip and hilarious - critics and audiences alike raved about this must-see comedy hit! It's the laugh-out-loud look at a fun group of friends who spend their days looking for work and their nights in and out of Hollywood's coolest after-hours hangouts! When lovesick Mike (Jon Favreau - Rudy) can't seem to shake a relationship rut, his smooth, fast-talking buddy Trent (Vince Vaughn - The Lost World: Jurassic Park) decides he'll do whatever it takes to show Mike a good time! Whether laughing over martinis in smoky cocktail lounges...or searching for beautiful babes on an outrageous road trip to Vegas, these young Swingers are determined to rewrite the rules of dating in the '90s!

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