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Telling Lies In America

1997 - PG13 - 1:41
Directed by Guy Ferland
Kevin Bacon
Brad Renfro
Maximilian Schell
Calista Flockhart
Paul Dooley
Luke Wilson

Screenwriter of such hits as Showgirls and Basic Instinct, Joe Eszterhas has now written the most personal and funny story of his career. Karchy Jones (Brad Renfro) is a teenager who has immigrated to America with his father. Trying to become an American, Karchy wants to fit in with the "in" group at his high school. So when he gets a job with a slick local disc jockey, Billy Magic (Kevin Bacon), he thinks he's finally made it - now he'll be popular, make a lot of money, and win the heart of his first love (Calista Flockhart). Instead, Karchy finds that he has been an unwitting accomplice in Billy's money-making scam. Now he's learning the hard way that there's more to the American dream than making money and being "cool".

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