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The War of the Roses

1989 - R - 1:56
CBS Fox Video
Directed by Danny DeVito
Michael Douglas
Kathleen Turner
Danny DeVito
G.D. Spradlin

The War Of The Roses is a deliriously mean-spirited free-for-all in which nothing - not the shoes, not the pets, not the cars - is sacred. "War Of The Roses promises to take the gloves off and it delivers" -Janet Maslin, The New York Times. "Oliver and Barbara Roses' hilarious fights - room to room and wall to wall - will floor you... Danny DeVito matches his winning performance with a slick directing job complete with a surprise ending. The Roses grow on you - and turn The War Of The Roses into a blooming hit." -Gene Shalit, Today, NBC-TV. Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito star in this cunning comedy about the demise of a marriage. Oliver (Douglas) and Barbara (Turner) Rose have been together for 18 years. Now Barbara wants a divorce, but when it comes to deciding who will get their sumptuous house neither is willing to give an inch. Oliver's lawyer (DeVito) offers some savvy advice, but it's already too late. Oliver and Barbara become entangled in a mine of rapidly escalating spite and revenge as The War Of The Roses moves toward its stunning conclusion.

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