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When A Man Loves A Woman

1994 - R - 2:06
Touchstone Home Video
Directed by Luis Mandoki
Meg Ryan
Andy Garcia
C.C.H. Pounder
Tina Majorino
Mae Whitman
Lauren Tom
and Ellen Burstyn

Two of Hollywood's hottest stars, Meg Ryan (Sleepless In Seattle) and Andy Garcia (The Godfather, Part III), deliver critically acclaimed performances in this inspiring motion picture hit. As Alice and Michael, Ryan and Garcia are a passionate couple whose once-stable marriage is rocked by her increasing dependence on alcohol. As they strive to overcome this challenge, they discover a renewed sense of love and commitment. Sparked by hope and ignited by riveting star performances, When A Man Loves A Woman is the must-see hit of the year - a story of fiery passion - and the enduring power of love.

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