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White Sands

1992 - R - 1:41
Warner Home Video
Directed by Roger Donaldson
Willem Dafoe
Samuel L. Jackson
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
M. Emmet Walsh
Mimi Rogers
and Mickey Rourke

Red-hot stars ignite the white-hot thriller White Sands, a volatile mix of action and suspense directed by Roger Donaldson (No Way Out) and filmed in and around New Mexico's glistening White Sands National Park. Willem Dafoe plays Sheriff Ray Dolezal, a small-town lawman in big-time trouble. To untangle a mystery, he takes on the identity of a murdered FBI agent and becomes the man on the inside of an international crime ring. Now comes the hard part: not blowing his cover. Dolezal's precarious new life bulldozes him into the snare of a sinister weapon runner (Mickey Rourke) ...into the web of an FBI sting operative (Samuel L. Jackson) ...and into the bed of an attractive woman of means (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). Dolezal is up to his neck in danger, all in a dead man's name. But he's a never-say-die kind of guy. And the swirling twists of White Sands make for "Grade-A escapist entertainment" (Jeff Craig, Sixty-Second Preview).

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