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Widow's Kiss

1996 - R - 1:43
HBO Home Video
Directed by Peter Foldy
Beverly D'Angelo
Mackenzie Astin
Dennis Haysbert
and Bruce Davison
Anna Maria Horsford
Barbara Rush

Sean Sager (Mackenzie Astin) is haunted by the memory of his mother's death, but finds little consolation from his father, Justin (Bruce Davison). Only six months after the funeral, Justin has found happiness again in the arms of another woman - the seductive Vivian Fairchild (Beverly D'Angelo). They soon marry, but their wedded bliss casts a dark shadow. Justin dies a sudden and mysterious death while in the passionate embrace of his new wife, leaving Sean heir to the family estate but at the mercy of his new mother and her son Paul. When Sean hires a private investigator (Dennis Haysbert) to look into his father's death, they soon discover that Vivian and Paul are closer than a mother and son should be, and that the recent widow has been widowed before. Now there's only one way for Sean to expose the truth. But he'll have to get closer to the woman who may have murdered his father. Close enough to feel her heat...close enough to risk his life...close enough to taste the Widow's Kiss.

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