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The Wizard Of Spped And Time

1989 - PG - 1:32
SGE Home Video
Directed by Mike Jittlov
Mike Jittlov
Paige Moore
Richard Kaye
Philip Michael Thomas

You're in for a wild and comic Hollywood adventure when the award-winning Wizard Of Speed And Time takes you on an incredible journey into the dazzling world of special effects. Filmmaker Mike Jittlov gets his "big break" in show business when two battling producers hire him to film a segment for their upcoming TV special. But what Mike doesn't know is that there's a $25,000 side bet that he won't deliver. Now the race is on! With his small crew helping, Mike acts in the film as a magical wizard who brings an entire film studio to life via animation and a marathon of spectacular effects. Even though the crew struggles through many hardships, unexpected studio sabotage, and even a crazy car chase through Hollywood, the results are astounding. It's fast and funny...wonderful and eye-boggling. Plan on having the best fun you've had in years when The Wizard Of Speed And Time brings his amazing bag of tricks to your door.

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